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Your Questions

Can I piece together my own package?

Yes, you can create your own custom package with individual truss components and ModParts™.

Do you offer every size of ModTruss & Modulus-X?

We offer every size of Modulus-X but only 1', 2', 4' & 6' of ModTruss. We only use the ModTruss for our rainbow and lazy susan rigs!

Does my order come with bolts?

Yes. We supply 4 bolts per piece ordered. If you need more, just ask!

Do you offer delivery?

Not at this time. We only do production pickup unless you hire our crew. Then we'll bring it out for you.

What paperwork do I need to complete in order to rent?

We require a signed rental agreement, a certificate of insurance and a credit card authorization form. Links to those forms can be found above.

Does my order come with tools?

Yes every order comes with 5/8" socket wrenches for securing bolts.


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