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Modulus-X Truss, Custom Rigs, Camera Mounts.

We're Division, a key grip's one-stop-shop for all things Modulus-X truss camera
rigging. We have designed specialty camera rigs that come pre-packaged for faster camera motion and rigging solutions. No more re-inventing the wheel.

Don’t need a rig or vehicle package? Just rent our individual truss. We carry 6” aluminum Modulus-X™ truss.

Division ModParts™ allow you to adapt items onto modular truss. Our custom designed components work hand-in-hand with our rigs.

Rent our individual ModParts™ along with the truss components to create your own custom solution.

Our Rental

Pre-Packaged OR Pieced Together.

The rental process is simple. Choose a pre-packaged solution, or piece together individual components yourself. Division vehicle packages have been assembled to meet various vehicle rigging needs and price points.

Our custom rigs help cut down on design time. Take out the guess work and rent a camera movement solution that you know will work.

ModParts™ are custom pieces made specifically for modular truss. They are proprietary pieces made exclusively for Division,
here in Los Angeles.

Custom rigs graphic of 4 trusses, from left to right, long to short.

Modulus-X Truss

We carry an inventory of 6" Modulus X truss and components. We also offer pre-packaged solutions.
5 foot Rainbow rig

Custom Rigs

We've designed some of the most popular camera movement rigs into rentable packages. These kits are ready to go and customizable to suit your needs.

Division ModParts™

Custom mounts for various types of adaptation & movement. Bearings, weight plates, mitchell mounts & more.
An engineering drawing of a base and column structure with dimensions. The diagram includes a top view, a side view, and an isometric top view of the structure. The top view shows a cross shape with dimensions marked as 6 feet on the vertical and 4 feet on the horizontal axes. The side view details a height of 15 feet. The isometric view depicts the 3D shape of the structure with a central column and four extending arms. The drawing is labeled with measurements and has a title block at the bottom right corner stating '8 1/2" x 11" BASE & COLUMN,' along with attributes for firm, client, project, scale, and a field for 'Date Last Visited.' The background includes a grid with labeled axes from A to D and 1 to 6 for reference.A 3D isometric view of a structural engineering model resembling a crane. The model consists of a vertical central column with a horizontal beam attached at the top, extending to the right, and a diagonal beam connecting the end of the horizontal beam back to the column, forming a triangular shape. The base of the column is anchored by a cross-shaped structure, providing stability. The entire model is depicted in a wireframe-like graphic, with a detailed pattern suggesting a lattice structure on all beams and columns. In the top left corner, there is a logo with the letter 'D' inside a ribbon, indicating 'Custom Design,' likely representing the creator or firm associated with this engineering design.A conceptual diagram showing a bar chart made up of 3D columns, rendered as part of an architectural or engineering design. The columns vary in height, creating a stepped, descending pattern from left to right. Each column is detailed with a lattice pattern, suggesting a structural design aspect. The tallest column is on the far left, with the columns decreasing in height incrementally towards the right. The diagram is overlaid on a grid, which provides a scale reference. At the top left corner is a circular logo with the letter 'D' and a ribbon around it with the text 'Custom Design,' indicating the branding of the design firm. The image is in grayscale and has a technical, precise appearance characteristic of architectural plans or engineering drawings.


Custom Design & Fabrication.

Have an idea you need help bringing to life? Let Division help you come up with the solution.

Our team can work with you to design or modify a custom camera rig. Build off our base designs for our already existing rigs OR hire us to come up with new solutions.

Design solutions require both design as well as shop time. Your involvement is important to this process. Take us through your needs and then stop by the shop to help piece it together. We’ll make sure your solution will work flawlessly on set.

Custom designs require more than 2 weeks notice. Reach out to learn more about this process.

Who Are We?

Brendan Riel, Division Co-Founder.
Brendan Riel
Co-Founder, Grip.

Brendan is a Local 80 Key. Living in the world of 1st unit work, he loves working with his hands. When Brendan isn’t on set you can find him pontificating the universe and wondering why commercial budgets are continually
getting smaller
and smaller.

Connor Colby, Division Co-Founder.
Connor Colby
Co-Founder, Grip.

Connor is a Local 80 Key and Best Boy. He understands production needs and how to best manage the pipeline of paperwork required for smooth rentals. A natural leader and project manager, Connor takes the time to make sure you have everything your production will need.